A Look the Hershey Bears’ Outdoor Classic Jerseys

On December 18, 2012, in News, Photos, by Kyle Mace

The Hershey Bears Outdoor Classic jersey (Kyle Mace – Sweetest Hockey on Earth)

In 1936, the Hershey B’ars were renamed the Hershey Bears, and two years later they joined the American Hockey League. This season marks the 75th season for the Chocolate and White in the AHL, with the team’s history being showcased in the Capital Blue Cross Outdoor Classic.

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Reflections on the Outdoor Classic

On January 10, 2012, in Opinion, by Brian Mills

Photo by Kyle Mace.

Before we left for the game I wrote about how last year was too warm and this year was supposed to be different. Well that was the forecast. As we were getting ready to leave, the temperature was around 60F. I was hoping that when the sun went down the temps would drop. We had set out lots of things to keep warm including a wool blanket to take with us. As we were packing the truck, we decided not to take the blanket. I did have my daughter put on her long underwear because I knew it would get chilly. She’s eleven after all and would probably get cold. That’s what I thought at least. Once we got to the stadium parking lot it was time to put on the rest of the clothes. For me that meant my jersey, a sweatshirt and a coat. For my daughter, that was snow pants, boots, a sweatshirt, a jersey and her coat. As it turns out she couldn’t get her jersey on over her sweatshirt. It was like a scene out of “A Christmas Story” as my girlfriend tried to help her. She kidded my daughter about the scene from the movie about not being able to put her arms down.
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Headed to a game under the stars

On January 6, 2012, in Opinion, by Brian Mills

Photo taken this morning by Kyle Mace. 

Long underwear? check

Layers of clothes? check

Jersey? check

Handwarmers? check

You get the idea. This is pretty much the same list that I had when I went to the NHL Winter Classic last year. In the end, I didn’t even wear my coat. Most of you probably remember that mother nature didn’t exactly cooperate. It was warm and rainy. This year will be different. I will get my outdoor game experience. Don’t get me wrong. Last year was an amazing game, and I won’t forget that for the rest of my life. There was just something missing when the temperature was as warm as it was. Without a doubt, it will be different this year going to the AHL Outdoor Classic as the Bears take on the Phantoms. Surely I will be needing the long underwear, layers and hand warmers. I’m looking forward to it.

In my youth, I played hockey on ponds a couple times. I did not have the opportunity do play as much as many other people, but I do remember it fondly. The first time I ever put on a pair of ice skates I was probably in high school. I remember going to a friend’s house. They lived on a farm and had a pond on the property. I borrowed a pair of skates which happened to be figure skating skates. I took a couple tentative laps around the pond and then said, “Hand me a stick.” We played shinny for who knows how long. I do know that is the last time that I wore a pair of skates with a toe pick on them. I can’t tell you how many times I fell face first onto the ice, but it was a lot. A few year later the movie “The Cutting Edge” came out. If you’ve seen that movie you will remember the toe pick scene. I could completely understand. In case you have never seen the movie, here is the clip.

Outdoor games such as the one tonight have brought back memories for players and fans alike. Please share yours with us. I plan on enjoying this one with my girlfriend and daughter who are also very excited. So here’s to a great game tonight, a great experience for everyone and of course a Bears win!! Be sure to follow us on twitter (@sweetesthockey) for updates from the game.

Check Out The Bears Outdoor Classic Jersey

On December 16, 2011, in News, by Brian Mills

Photo from the Hershey Bears facebook page.

Well here it is, folks. This will be the jersey for the AHL Outdoor Classic at Citizen’s Bank Park on January 6, 2012.

From the Hershey Bears:

The Hershey Bears will wear commemorative Outdoor Classic jerseys during the Outdoor Classic at Citizens Bank Park on January 6th. Outdoor Classic game worn jerseys will be auctioned off following the Hershey Bears home game on Saturday, January 7th.

As you can see in the image, the crest will be a special Bears Outdoor Classic logo. The shoulders will have patches with the Bears and Phantoms represented. Each of the club’s logos will overlay an image of Citizen’s Bank Park to commemorate the teams and location of the game.

The word right now is that these are not for sale in the Hershey Sports store in the Giant Center. A quick look through the AHL Store and I did not see any there either. As far as I can tell, the Phantoms have not released their jersey for the game, and I don’t see anything in their store. From the looks of it, the only way to get one of these might be at the auction on January 7th. As always, the auction will benefit a charity of the team’s choosing. I might have to change my Christmas wish list to “just send me cash so I can try to get one of these jerseys.”

What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below, on twitter or on facebook.


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