David Leggio Talks About New Goalie Mask

On January 10, 2014, in News, Photos, by Kyle Mace


Just a few days ago, goaltender David Leggio posted a photo to his Twitter account of his new mask this season, but this mask is a special one. Most AHL goalies have two sides, the AHL team and the NHL team with stuff based around both teams on either side. But on this mask, the Capitals side has a special meaning to David.

“The Hershey side is pretty simple, just the Bear and the smoke stacks,” said David Wednesday night. “On the Capitals side, (the painter) said why don’t we do a military inspired one and I said alright, we’ll do that.

“On that side you have Lt. Col. Terrence Crowe, he was my friend’s dad and was killed in Iraq a few years back. Then you have my buddy Anthony Marinello, who is a first lieutenant army ranger. He’s a good friend of mine. We played together in juniors and I lived with his family for a year in juniors, he’s overseas right now. The plane is my wife’s cousin, Brad Pavino. Chachi is the name of the type of planes he flies. He’s a graduate of the Naval Academy and is doing stuff with the Navy.”

The helmet has portraits of Lt. Col. Crowe and First Lt. Army Ranger Marinello along with the plane above the two. “It’s to honor them and all the people that served our country and helped protect our freedom.”

This has to be one of the most amazing masks that will ever be worn in Hershey. The company that is painting Leggio’s mask, Head Strong Grafx, has been updating their Twitter account with photos of the progress of his mask. Give them a follow or check out their Facebook page for more!

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  • GetchaGrubbOn

    This is excellent. Loved Holtby’s mask that had the bear on the roller coaster, but I think this one blows that lid away. Great work.