Connor Carrick Goes Though Travel Hell

On January 5, 2014, in Interview, News, by Kyle Mace

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After being eliminated from the 2014 IIHF World Junior Championship, Connor Carrick returned to Hershey to rejoin the Bears. What should have had Connor returning before 10:00 pm on Friday turned into one heck of a trip, having him return right before the Bears win Saturday night.

“The original plan was to fly right from Copenhagen to D.C., think I landed about 3:15 pm there, and I was supposed to get on a 7:00 pm flight to Harrisburg, land at about 7:45 pm, January 3rd on Friday. That flight was cancelled and the 9:55 pm flight was canceled, so I ended up getting a hotel,” said Carrick Saturday night. “I got booked on the 9:00 am this morning and that was cancelled. I had a confirmed ticket for the 7:00 pm tonight, but ended up getting by on stand-by for the noon flight.”

Carrick live tweeted the whole event on his Twitter page for us to enjoy his pain fans to follow along. Despite the issues, the defenseman was that worried. “I was pretty calm on most of it. My joke was ‘Cue the circus music’. One thing after another but you know sometimes things happen that way, it was out of my control. It was upsetting but I wasn’t starving, I wasn’t cold, I was clothed, all the bare necessities were taken care of so I was okay.”

Not surprising, but many fans offered Connor rides or places to crash for the night, but in the end he stuck it out. “I turned down other ideas like Amtrak, taking a ride from somebody, because I kept thinking worst case scenario if I get home at 11:00 at night, I’ll be okay, if I get home by 10:00 tomorrow morning, I’ll be okay. That kept getting pushed back, so my worst case scenario kept getting worse.”

This probably would have not happened had the USA team not been knocked out of the tournament by the bronze medalist Russian team. Despite the loss for team USA, Carrick enjoyed the time over in Sweden. “It was one I’ll cherish no doubt. We had a great group of guys, I had a blast playing with them.

“I still think we were one of the more elite teams in the tournament. Maybe we had six minutes together if you count up a couple of our penalties against Canada and the 5-on-3’s we gave up to Russia, those were really our only blips. That’s all it takes in a tournament with that kind of format.”



That’s a creative hashtag that would have improved the last tweet!

That idea from Michael Latta might have actually worked with how bad some roads were.

ESPN personality John Buccigross shared his travel horrors with the 19-year-old


I actually got pulled into the “Mission: Rescue Carrick” and probably could have saved him a bit early since I was only in Baltimore that night. Sorry! (It’s still a state away, though)

Not sure who would ridicule a guy who’s gone though all of that just to get to Harrisburg, PA. I guess we’ll see Connor later…

…or not.

  • HersheyPhan

    SHOCKER…it was United Airlines. They are the worst airline company EVER!