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HERSHEY, PA – David Leggio is joined by Brandon Segal at the end of Leggio’s 44 save shutout (Kyle Mace / Sweetest Hockey on Earth)

Sunday night, goaltender David Leggio stopped all 44 shots that came his way, giving him his first shutout in a Hershey Bears sweater, but the 29-year old was not in the Christmas spirit when it came to what was also on that sweater.

When asked about the Christmas jerseys, Leggio’s first answer was a very painful “Yeah”. He did suggest that Bears fans buy them, since they are going to charity. “I think they’re awesome. Everybody should go out and buy one or two.”

Despite the jerseys, Leggio’s night was one of his best all season with the shutout and seventh win of the season. “I was really fortunate with rebounds, just being able to hold on to a few that almost got away from me. Just seems the last few weeks pucks have been going around guys sticks. They bounce off me or bounce of someone. We got the bounces tonight and that’s what we needed, a game like this. We just need to keep building off of it.”

Leggio said he’ll be heading up to Buffalo for Christmas, driving up to western New York, but wasn’t sure which was he was going quite yet. “I don’t know (what way.) Which ever way Google Maps sends me.”

Hershey is off for the Christmas break, but return to Giant Center Friday after a one game road trip up to Binghamton on Thursday.

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Not a fan of the back, David?

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The front isn’t any better…

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And that smell folks…that’s the smell of a 44-save shutout…

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Leggio trying to find more bids from Bears fans

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