michael latta broken glass hit-1
HERSHEY, PA – Michael Latta and Max Friberg are stuck in between the boards and a pane of glass after Latta and Garrett Mitchell laid a big hit on Friberg (Kyle Mace / Sweetest Hockey on Earth)

During the first period of the Bears game against the Norfolk Admirals Sunday night, Michael Latta and Garrett Mitchell laid a huge hit on Norfolk’s Max Friberg, which caused a pane of glass in the far right corner of the ice to fall out into the stands.

“Mitchy and I are just trying to finish our hit,” said Latta. The double hit sent Friberg into the glass, pushing it out of it’s supports. But it wasn’t just big hit on Friberg. “I got the worst of that one,” Latta said, who got stuck in between the boards and glass.

Mitchell was a bit more lucky on the hit than Latta. “To be honest with you I didn’t know it had come out,” said the Regina, Saskatchewan native. “I thought it kind of came out just the way it felt, he kind of leaned in pretty hard, but I already was going the other way. I heard the fans kind of go crazy, looked back and there is was.”

The glass did not shatter, but this is something that does not happen often. “First time it happened to me,” Latta said after the game.

Fortunately clean up was quick and the Bears Rink Rats were able to get the pane back in place in no time at all. Zero injuries happened from the play, and neither player seemed phased from the play. “It’s just part of the game,” said Mitchell.