The 25 Days of Hershey Bears Hockey

On February 2, 2013, in News, Photos, by Sweetest Hockey on Earth


Instagram is a photo sharing website where you can post your photos, add filters, and share among your friends. Here at Sweetest Hockey, we have our own Instagram page where Tim and Kyle share their photos of games, events, and many other things. On Instagram, there are many photo challenges that different people/groups make up for the month. This month, we are issuing a challenge of our own.

The 25 days of Hershey Bears hockey will consist of a photo a day that you can post to Instagram (or tweet us @sweetesthockey if your Instagram account is private,) of Bears related photos. At the end of the month, we will pick our favorites and post them to the site for all to see. (There might even be a prize involved for our favorite photo.) With all being said, check out what the theme is for each day below!

1- Game Face:

      Show us your best game face!

2- Puck drop:

      Take a photo of you dropping a puck, the puck dropping, or the faceoff at a Bears game.

3- Rivalry:

      Who do you think the Bears bigest rival is? Is your family split between the Bears and the Pens?

4- Giveaway Item:

      What is your favorite Bears giveaway item? Show us it a creative way!

5- How you read SHOE:

      How do you read our site? On your phone? In the car? At intermission?

6- You with your favorite Bear:

      We all have gotten a photo with our favorite Bear over the years, show us yours!

7- Chocolate and Hockey:

      Grab some chocolate and watch some hockey in honor of Milton S. Hershey

8- Coco:

9- Autograph:

      An autograph reciently or have one that you got as a kid, all are special!

10- Giant Center:

      Only 11 years old, but still looks the same as day one!

11- Goalie:

      These guys are always different. Show us your favorite all time Bears goalie!

12- Favorite Bears T-Shirt:

      We all have that shirt that we wear to each game or to school on sports day…

13- Fight:

      This is exclusive to hockey, so show us a photo of a fight that you stick out in your mind!

14- Future NHL-er:

      The AHL is the gateway to the NHL. Pick one Bear that you think will the in the big show soon.

15- GOAL!:

      Show us your face when the Bears score or when you are cheering along with Puckhead on the big board!

16- Puck:

      “A disk made of vulcanized rubber used in various games serving the same functions as a ball does in ball games”

17- Hersheypark Arena:

      The Old Bar. So many photo have been taken there, Kyle can’t even think where to start for a photo he might post.

18- Former Bear:

      One former Bear; could be in the NHL now, could be retired.


20- Outdoor Classic:

      A photo from the windy January night at Hersheypark Stadium.

21- Jersey:

      What is your all time favorite jersey? Doesn’t have to be yours, but it can be!

22- Your view of the game:

      From section 1 at the arena, to section 120 at Giant Center, show us how you watch your Hershey Bears

23- Skates:

      Do you skate on a frozen pond? How about at the outdoor rink! All have one thing in common: skates.

24- Offseason:

      Do you spend the offseason counting down the days until Opening Night? Or do you relax and just read SHOE?

25- Calder Cup:

    How would you hoist Calder? Or how would you react to the Bears 12th cup?

Use the hashtag #SHOE25DayofHBH when posting your photos so we can see them! We do ask that you please do not steal photos from anywhere and use your own!

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