Ultimate Hershey Bears Twitter List

On December 3, 2012, in List, News, by Kyle Mace

UPDATE:Players from the 2013-14 season have been added to the list of current players.

A few weeks ago a few fans asked me if I knew what Hershey Bears were on Twitter. Being so involved in Twitter, I wondered what players were tweeting myself. After a little bit of searching and a lot of help, we have a final list with over 70 Bears to present to you fans.

#2 Nate Schmidt
#4 Chay Genoway
#5 Tyson Strachan
#7 Steve Oleksy
#12 Nathan Walker
#15 Michael Latta
#17 Chandler Stephenson
#19 Joel Rechlicz
#20 Jeff Taffe
#21 Casey Wellman
#22 Ryan Potulny
#24 Chris Brown
#25 Connor Carrick
#26 Brandon Segal
#29 Julien Brouillette
#30 David Leggio
#32 Nicolas Deschamps
#33 Patrick Wellar
#34 Tomas Kundratek
#36 Garrett Mitchell
#38 Dane Byers
#40 Caleb Herbert

Josh Brittain
T.J. Syner
Stanislav Galiev
Brett Flemming

Don Cherry (1954-1957)
Nick Kypreos (1986-1989)
Wes Walz (1991-1993)
Bob Wilkie (1992-1995)
Pascal Trepanier (1996-1998, 2003-04)
Ville Nieminen (1997-2001)
Rick Berry (1998-2001)
Brian Willsie (1998-2003, 2010-2011)
Bryan Muir (2000-2003)
Sheldon Keefe (2003-2004)
Mathieu Darche (2004-2005)
Jeff Ulmer (2004-2005)
Martin Wilde (2004-2006)
Chris Bourque (2005-2012)
Eric Fehr (2005-2008)
Mike Green (2005-2007)
Graham Mink (2005-2006, 2008-2009, 2011-2012)
Louis Robitaille (2005-2008)
Scott Barney (2006-2008)
Steve Pinizzotto (2006-2011)
Francois Bouchard (2007-2011)
Ben Clymer (2007-2008)
Josh Godfrey (2007-2011)
Andrew Gordon (2007-2011)
Sami Lepisto (2007-2009)
Patrick McNeill (2007-2013)
Danny Syvret (2008)
Keith Aucoin (2008-2012)
John Carlson (2008-2010)
Michal Neuvirth (2008-2010, 2013)
Oskar Osala (2008-2010)
Cody Eakin (2009-2012)
Braden Holtby (2009-2013)
Zach Miskovic (2009-2013)
Nikita Kashirsky (2010-2011)
Sheldon Souray (2010-2011)
Matt Ford (2011-2012)
Christian Hanson (2011-2012)
DJ King (2011-2012)
Jacob Micflikier (2011-2012)
Barry Almeida (2012-13)
Matt Pope (2011-2013)
Evan Barlow (2012-13)
Mathieu Beaudoin (2012-2013)
Mike Carman (2012-13)
Jon DiSalvatore (2012-2013)
Kevin Marshall (2012-2013)
Danick Paquette (2012-2013)
Jamie Johnson (2013)
John Mitchell (2013-2014)
Derek Whitmore (2013-2014)
Tom Wilson (2013)

Note: If name is in bold, player is currently playing on the Washington Capitals

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  • Guest

    This is uncalled for.  There are players that you have listed that have made it known that they do not want to be bombarded on social media.  I would like for you to post the twitter handles of the few fans that asked you for the list.  All seems fair in doing so.

    • http://twitter.com/HersheyBears14 Rick Fritz

      Dude you understand Twitter?  It’s not Facebook with ‘friend requests’  you click FOLLOW and your there, they don’t HAVE to follow YOU!  If your on TWITTER then your not worried about being bombarded.  Dumbass!!  

  • Bburke26

    This list in and of itself does not give the Twitter names(handle) of that particular player. I have accumulated the twitter handle of many of those listed above(current members of the Bears) by doing a little research of and on my own.  I have actually followed Tweets from those players and it didn’t seem to me as though they made it known that they did not want to be bombarded by social media. In fact quite the contrary. During the month of November a few of the current players Tweeted to Bears fans about Movember and Pink The Rink and the fans supporting the fight against cancer.

    So, to the guest suggesting this list is uncalled for, I think it is wrong on your part and disrespectful to the moderator of this blog. But than we all have our own opinions.  Simply searching the names above as typed, does not get you that particular players Twitter handle…….not that simple !!

    I will understand totally if the moderator of this blog removes my posts and will have no hard feelings. I know this blog is not intended for arguments, I just needed to give my opinion.

    • http://twitter.com/HersheyBears14 Rick Fritz

      Burkey the dude GUEST is out of line.

      P.S. The idea of twitter is MORE the merrier!   He’s just upset you didn’t list him!  By the way ‘GUEST’  if your going to bitch use your name don’t hide behind a keyboard you knuckle head!  

  • guest

    no chris bourque? hes in the KHL now, but still…