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Your Thoughts and Opinions on the New Look for the Bears

HERSHEY, PA. The newly designed Coco the Bear poses for a photo at a logo unveiling inside Giant Center in Hershey, PA. (Kyle Mace – Sweetest Hockey on Earth)

We asked you guys what your opinions were on the new look for the Chocolate and White and you guys had some very strong ones. Let’s check out what you guys thought…

First, let’s look at our Twitter to see what you had to say.

Very good observation. I was wondering the exact same thing…

Time to hop on over to our Facebook

Heather S. I think it all looks like crap. The old logos were great. There wasnt anything wrong with them. Why Does it always have to change?

Richard L. Defiantly like the new look! It mixes tradition with the present and future!

Jeff C, All good… Can’t please everyone

Laurie W. Strength, Determination and Toughness…it all fits and I love it!

Cale H. They are the Hershey Bears! They can do no wrong. GO BEARS!!!

Tike M. no sir i dont like it

Alana P. I think it brings some of the old Hershey back for the logo and I love it, and it adds some more character to coco!

Jackie G. Cocoa definitely needed a makeover and looks great! It always takes awhile to get use to a new logo. While I can’t say I love it, I do like it and think it was well thought out! Go Bears!!!!

Brandon H. Love the main logo. Coco looks good. Always love my skating bear jersey, but I dig the new stuff!

Kelly P. I especially like the “away” jersey colors. Hope that the new Coco can act even half as good as Texas T-Bone does and I’ll be happy with him.

Bridget L. My 11 year old avid Hershey Bears fan is disappointed in the logo, the jersey’s and Cocoa ūüôĀ I am sure he will still love going to the games, though:)

Lyndsey B. I like the new look. I can’t wait to get the new Jersey and see the new Coco. Coco looks great. I want Coco to sign my Jersey when I come to a game. GO HERSHEY BEARS! LOVE YA COCO! I got my pic taken with the old Coco and I got an autograph with the old Coco. I need to get my pic taken and my Jersey signed by the new Coco.

Dan V. i like it, buts its not my favorite.. kinda think they shoulda went back to the skating bear! i im not gonna lie, this one is better then the past logo that for the most part was stolen for the UTAH GRIZZLY… COCO needs to be a little fat… there are no skinny bears in hershey! thats why its CHOCOLATE LAND!

Christy A. my 17 year just said “that’s cool” HOMERUN

Agree or disagree? Comment down below or visit our Twitter or Facebook page and voice your opinion!

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  1. Well, you didn’t post my comment from Facebook, so I’ll repeat it here.¬† I don’t like the new look of Coco at all!!!!¬† I used to say to everyone how Coco was the best damn mascot in all of sports – the stomach and the tail gave him character.¬† I loved watching him dance and having to lift up the stomach to sit.¬† Ask any of my friends, I was in hysterics every time I saw him!!¬† Now, he just looks like any other mascot – there’s nothing special about him.¬† Being “buff” does not automatically mean you’re fit and having a stomach like Coco had does not automatically mean you’re out of shape.¬† Now kids have a hyperbole of a “fit” mascot to look up to – yet another unachievable goal to most of the population.¬†

    Nope, I don’t like it at all.¬† I miss the old Coco.

  2. Just another ploy to sell more jerseys.¬† The All-Star game we hosted 2 years ago pointed out how lame our mascot is.¬† San Antonio’s mascot was the most active mascot I’ve ever seen as far as firing up the crowd.¬† Coco needs to work the crowd instead of bothering the players when they’re trying to come back on the ice between periods.

  3. Seems like all you posted from twitter was positive feedback.  If a site is to remain unbiased, you probably should have added the negative tweets.  (And I KNOW there were plenty of those)

    1. From my count, we only received one somewhat negative tweet (which is posted on the site.) We try to show both sides as best we can! 

      Thanks for reading, Kyle

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