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Bears Release New Logo, Jersey, and Coco

HERSHEY, PA. Doug Yingst speaks to Season Ticket Holders at a special event at Giant Center (Tim Stough – Sweetest Hockey on Earth)

After weeks of speculation, the August 29th Season Ticket Holder Event has come and past and we have some very cool new logos, jerseys, and a mascot to look at. Wednesday night the Chocolate and White actually went back to chocolate and white, dropping the maroon “Swiping Bear” and bringing in the new Roaring Bear. Along the new logo, the Bears also announced much, much more.

It was a new chapter in the 75 year history of the Hershey Bears. At a season ticket holder event, Bears GM Doug Yingst first announced a Hershey Bears Hockey Hall of Fame. “The Hall of Fame idea has gone back at least 20 to 25 years,” Yingst said. “Finally everything came together. We formed a committee to start the first induction ceremony which will be (on December 19th, 2012.)” That date is the 75th anniversary of the first ever Bears game played at Hersheypark Arena. “We’re going to induct seven different members to the inaugural class of the Hershey Bears Hockey Hall of Fame.”

Then came the logo. Joe Bosack of The Joe Bosack Graphic Design Co. was the designer of the logo for the historical 75th season. “The Bears really had a pretty good idea of what they wanted to do from the onset of this project. It was all about the history of this club. It was all about getting back to some of the roots of the chocolate and the white,” and getting back to the roots is exactly what Joe did. Along with a modern version of the old Roaring Bear, Bosack brought out the original colors of the original logo and jerseys.

And the jerseys were out in full force, too. With three former Bears, Freddie Cassivi, Dave Parro, and Mitch Lamoureux, modeling the new jerseys, along with current Bear Dany Sabourin. “I like it a lot,” said Sabourin. “It’s nice, simple, but really nice.” Nice it is. The jerseys are chocolate and white along with the primary logo front and center. A third jersey that include the Roaring Bear’s head as the main logo makes it the only totally modern jersey in the three jersey set. A paw print on both shoulders of all three jerseys adds the final touch to a very classy jersey.

Last, but not least, we have to talk about Coco the Bear. After working on his New Year’s Resolution for almost eight months, he now is in tip-top shape. Now he is a lean-mean fighting machine, with abs! This Bear is in better shape than I am!! But his goal was to be just like an actual Bears player, and now he can! Great job, Coco!!

A very classy night to start the season off. Let’s hope this season ends in another ceremony on the same ice.

More photos from the night (All photos by Tim Stough)

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  1. Any idea when replicas of these will go on sale? Been after a Hershey jersey for a while and want to get one over here in the UK

  2. Fantastic! Great design! Looks as if we’ll be watching a lot more Bears Hockey this season with Bettman jiggling the Lock Out Keys in our faces.

  3. I loved the third jersey with HERSHEY across the chest.  It was an instant a classic!  The new logo is better but only us old people understand the relationship with the old Hersey Chocolate logo.  Keep playing great hockey.

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