Bears Break Losing Streak with Shutout

On March 3, 2012, in Game Recap, by Kyle Mace

Kyle Greentree celebrates his goal tonight with his teammates (All photos by Kyle Mace)

The Bears have gone 1-6 in their last seven games, which is not good. Not good at all. But the Bears got that first win in five games with a big win with a 3-0 shutout over the Binghamton Senators.

It was an all around effort from the Greentree-Potulny-Mink line tonight as all 3 goals came from those guys, in that order.

Kyle Greentree got the game started off with a one timer, his fifth goal of the season, giving Hershey a 1-0 lead.

Then it was Ryan Potulny’s turn as he scored his 21st goal of the season as the net was coming off (as you will see in the photos below.)

That would not be the only time the net would come off during a Bears goal tonight. During Graham Mink’s goal, Senators goalie Mike McKenna’s skate would bump off the net, right as the puck was going in. McKenna argued that the net was off before the Bears had scored, but it wouldn’t matter as Braden Holtby gets the shutout as Hershey wins, 3-0.

More photos from tonight’s game
Ryan Potulny’s 21st goal of the season

Happy Bears fans are always a good sign

Boyd Kane helping out Braden Holtby. Isn’t that nice of Boyd?

“A thunder of jets in an open sky, a streak of gray and a cheerful Rock!”(Four people will get that joke, and two of them are my parents)

“Now Joel, it’s not nice to stick your tongue out at people. Now do you need to go into timeout?”

Is it or is it not a goal? The referees thought it was. What do you think?

  • Kam911

    Loved Kaner giving Holtby the old helmet rub after helping him stop the puck from crossing!

  • lily36

    Love the pictures there ALWAYS great

  • Brian Mills

    Absolutely a goal according to rule 78.4… 

    “The goal frame shall be considered in its proper position when at least a portion of the flexible peg(s) are still inside both the goal post and the hole in the ice. The flexible pegs could be bent, but as long as at least a portion of the flexible peg(s) are still in the hole in the ice and the goal post, the goal frame shall be deemed to be in its proper position. The goal frame could be raised somewhat on one post (or both), but as long as the flexible pegs are still in contact with the holes in the ice and the goal posts, the goal frame shall not be deemed to be displaced.”

    We had a good view from 118 on this one. The peg never came completely out of the hole.

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