‘Shorties’ Help Hershey Close Out 2011

On December 31, 2011, in Game Recap, by Kyle Mace

Bears fans celebrate Chris Bourque’s shorthanded goal (All photos by Kyle Mace)

Due to the holiday, tonight is the first ever “photo recap.” 11 photos from tonight’s game, recapping all of the events in the 3-2 SO win for Hershey. And like they say “A picture is worth 1,000 words” (so that means tonight’s post is 11,000 words.) From all of us here at Sweetest Hockey on Earth (and our big sister blog Russian Machine Never Breaks) we wish you a happy, healthy, and hockey filled 2012!

Norfolk gets on the board first, scoring the only goal of the first period

Chris Bourque scores a highlight-reel goal from his bum. Hershey ties it at 1-1

Christian Hanson pops a “shorty” of his own over Jaroslav Janus (say that ten times fast.) Hershey leads 2-1

The start of the Garrett Mitchell/Jean-Philippe Cote fight, in which Mitchell was the only one fighting

Mitchell channels his inner Andy Samberg and throws Cote on the ground

I guess helmets aren’t necessary when fighting Garrett Mitchell.

That doesn’t look good…

Norfolk ties it back up at 2-2

A Bear throws Mike Angelidis’ helmet into the stands. Bears fans did return it

Yes, I am Keith Aucoin. And, yes, I just scored the Bears game winning shootout goal.

The Bears celebrate their shootout win. Also that they do not have to wear those jerseys anymore.

  • guest

    Did anyone see the second bears goal tonight? They didn’t show a replay (I don’t think) and I was sitting in that corner about 8 rows back, and I didn’t see it go in, nor did anyone around me. Can anyone enlighten me?

    • guest

      correction: I/we saw it hit the post or crossbar and come right back out, and then a bit of a fight broke out while it looked like the puck was under the goalie.

      • http://twitter.com/kyle_mace Kyle Mace

        From my photos, it looked like the puck never went it. But I also didn’t start shooting until Ford was just in front of the net.

  • Saleenbeast

    I sat in that corner as well. The puck hit the post and jumped right back out. It never went in the net and shouldn’t have counted. This is where video replay would help out greatly in the AHL. It’s tough to blame the goal judge because his angle would have made that shot seem like a goal. I’ll take that goal as a makeup for the goal over a month ago where the bears goalie was pushed into the net in the last 30 seconds and they counted that as a goal.

    • Tfirey

      The funny thing about that non-goal: I was sitting at that end, and I didn’t hear it ring the post.

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