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Photos: Hershey’s 2011 Teddy Bear Toss Night

Hershey Bears and Teddy Bears! All photos by Kyle Mace.

Everybody loves Teddy Bear Toss Night! Well, maybe not the Portland Pirates. After scoring only one goal, the Bears trounced the Pirates with seven unanswered goals. The first goal of the night went to Graham Mink, who started the comeback and triggered the shower of stuffed animals from over 10,000 fans watching at Giant Center. After cleaning up and counting all the Bears, a new record of 10,090 stuffed animals will be donated to the Hershey Medical Center. After the jump, see Kyle’s photos that document the occasion.

The goal hug served as protection from falling bears.

Scott Stuccio points his offering towards the ice.

Jacob Micflikier checks out some of the donations.

Braden Holtby checks to see if any more are coming.

Coco carries one of the bigger teddy bears.

Dany Sabourin clears a path to the bench.

Not a bad loot.

One of the stranger donations.

The teams head to the locker room while workers continue to clean up the animals.

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